Third Reel

Third Reel
Release Date: 2013-03-01
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Nicolas Masson: saxophone/clarinet
Roberto Pianca: guitar
Emanuele Maniscalco: drums

Album Review

Intense and sublime, Third Reel presents an emotively charged force that yields an abundance of hearty rewards amidst the dips, spikes and offbeat passages, all meshed into a transcendental time warp of sorts.
– Glenn Astarita – All About Jazz

Although composed almost entirely of miniatures “Third Reel” hangs together very well and the chemistry between the three group members is obvious. These are three superb technicians who utilise their impressive individual talents in the pursuit of a common cause. These beguiling snapshots speak of even greater things to come.
I was hugely impressed by this absorbing and often beautiful recording and I suspect that it would be revelatory to see the trio perform live. Come on Mr. Eicher, get these guys over to the UK.
– Ian Mann – The Jazz Mann